How Do I Get Started?

Simply give us a call at (312) 454-0300 and we’ll guide you through the process. We’ll ask you a few questions about your requirements for a ramp or lift, get your address, then schedule a day and time to visit and do an exterior site survey. Upon arrival, we’ll examine your property and take several measurements along with capturing some photos of the area where a ramp or lift may be installed. The entire survey process takes about 20 minutes.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Quote?

Once we have completed the on-site survey, we will send you a quote via email or U.S. Mail within three to four business days.

What Determines If A Ramp Or A Lift Would Work Best Me?

Several factors will determine which product will work best for your situation. Parameters such as lot size, porch height, and distance to a sidewalk or driveway will allow us to assist you in the decision making process.

Are Chicago Ramp Products ADA Compliant?

Simply put…Yes! We design, specify and install only products which meet the ADA Standards for Ramps and Lifts. Requirements for a ramp’s rise, length, and width are all “standard practice” for our designers and are reflected in our drawings and quotes.

Can Your Products be Rented? Or Must I Purchase?

Whether you choose a ramp or lift, Chicago Ramp will give you quotes for both rental and purchase options, allowing you to make a decision that works best for your budget.

What Is Included With My Quote?

We will send you all the information needed to make an informed decision. You’ll get pricing quotations for both rental and purchasing options, drawings of the proposed products along with brochures outlining our products. Your quotes will also contain pricing for professional installation.

What Forms Of Payment Does Chicago Ramp Accept?

We take Cashiers Checks and all major Credit Cards.

Once I Agree, How Long Does It Take Before Installation Begins?

Typically, we can start your installation with 7-10 business days after we receive your deposit. In some cases, we may be able to accelerate this schedule.

How Long Does It take To Install My Products?

Although each installation presents different challenges, we always strive to have your ramp or lift installed in just one day. Additionally, an additional day of installation or servicing may be necessary to fine-tune your equipment as needed.

Will My Home Have To be Modified To Allow Installation Of A Ramp Or Lift?

In most cases only small or minor modifications may be required. These may included removal of a porch hand-rail, removal of plants or shrubs, storm door removal and in some cases, door jam adjustments.

If I Choose To Install A Lift, What is Needed?

A flat solid surface is required for installation of a lift. Some municipal codes will dictate whether additional materials are required such as a concrete pad. Additionally, an exterior GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlet will be needed within twelve feet of the lift’s specified installation location.

Does Chicago Ramp Manufacture Its Products?

No, Chicago Ramp is a reseller and installer. We carry products manufactured by EZ-ACCESS, a long-time provider of ramps and lifts with a fantastic reputation for quality and service.

What Are Your Ramps Made Of?

All of our ramps are made from light weight aluminum which is highly durable and will not rust, warp, decay or corrode.

If I Choose A Lift, How Will It Perform During The Winter Months?

This question is of most concern to everyone. Our Passport Lifts have a proven track record for durability in all weather conditions. Have peace-of-mind that your lift will operate as expected even during the most demanding weather conditions.

Will My Lift Work If My Home Loses Power?

Absolutely, Our Passport lifts have a constantly charging battery backup that ensures your lift will work for approximately 20 additional lift-cycles. However, long-term exposure to extreme cold conditions may adversely affect the lifts available battery usage.

Do Your Products Come With A Warranty?

Our products are covered by a limited warranty for a three year duration. This warranty covers all materials and workmanship under normal use, by the original owner and is non-transferable.

Who Do I Call If Repairs Or Adjustments Are Needed?

Call us at (312) 454-0300 and describe the problem you are having. If we can’t help you with a solution over the phone, we’ll schedule an appointment to have one of our representatives visit you.

What Is The Best Product To Use On My Ramp To Help With Ice And Snow Removal?

We recommend applying Magnesium Chloride during the winter months. It can be purchased at any local, home improvement, hardware or home-center store.